How you can help

We are a small charity based in Milton Keynes. We rely 100% on fundraising and support.

Whether you would like to take part in an organised challenge, organise your own exciting event or donate an hour of your time and become a volunteer. We're here to help you with anything you may need to complete your challenge or make your event a success. From printed vests, to posters, to help setting up your own personal fundraising social page to offering advice.

Here is a great list of charity fundraising ideas to get you started:-

Candle Fundraisers - Have fun making candles and decorating them to sell

Christmas Cards - Design your own Christmas cards and help spread festive cheer

Bake Fundraisers - Everyone loves cake. Bake lot's of yummy treats.

Fun Quiz with a raffle - Ask your local pub to host a quiz night. Gather some nice little gifts and sell raffle tickets during half time.

Spelling Bee Fundraiser - If you work in a school, maybe you can suggest hosting a fun spelling bee competition. Not only will students be learning but offer a set price to enter and gather some really good gifts to pass to the winning team.

Arm wrestling competition - Most pub goers will love this idea. Create teams, charge them to enter and offer a prize to the winning team.

Jumble Sale - Children love to get involved. Gather any unwanted toys, books or items around the house. Invite your family and friends to take part to make it more of a success. Set a date, get the word out on social media and in your local area and invite people to come take a look.

Wear something blue day - Set a date and arrange a day where everyone in the work place or school wears something blue.

Online Auction - A simple way to get people fundraising without having to leave the house. Ask around for donations, create a social media page, post the photos of the items you have for auction and share the event like crazy.

Penny Bottle - The most simple of fundraisers. Pop a bottle in the work place, somewhere visible to all and ask staff to pop their loose change in everytime they pass by.

There are hundred's of other ideas out there so get your thinking cap on, grab a pen and paper and start planning. Trust us, you will have fun!

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f you would like to make a donation to us, then please click on the Golden Giving link below.