Supporters Fundraising


4th August 2018

Thank you to Elaine Brady from London for completing the London Triathlon. With the scorching heat, Elaine still went ahead.

You raised £1290.

21st July 2018

Thank you to Simpson Village Hall for holding another quiz night for us.

You raised £269.90.

15th April 2018

Thank you to Stuart Milne from Milton Keynes who ran in the Brighton Marathon. Time of 4 hours & 27 minutes. Totally smashed his target. What a great supporter for Rhiley's Smile.

You raised £1775.

26th March 2018

Thank you to Nicola Nenadovic. They held a princess party for their daughter Phoebe & wanted to help raise money for us.

You raised £180.76.

21st October 2017

Thank you to a group of children who did a sponsored autumn walk.

You raised £80.

6th July 2017

Thank you to the team from Chameleon in Milton Keynes for all your hard work making our new awareness car look fantastic with custom made vinyls.

6th June 2017

Thank you to the students of Darwin House of Denbigh School in Milton Keynes.

You raised a further £1,100.

24th April 2017

Thank you to all the students at Denbigh School in Milton Keynes.

You raised £504.69.

26th October 2016

Thank you to Rachael Taylor-Smith for holding a bake sale for us.

You raised £66.50.

16th September 2016

Thank you to the Watling Street Cafe for displaying 1 of our collection pots for over a year and helping to raise more than £500 for us.

20th August 2016

Thank you to Mark Dickins who completed the Tough Mudder course in 4 and a half hours.

You raised £165 for us.

5th June 2016

Thank you to Torie Peck who jumped for us today. Not only did she complete 1 solo parachute jump but 2!

You raised £468 for us.

8th March 2016

Thank you to Hannah Barnett for completing your climb over the Auckland Bridge in New Zealand.

You raised £70 for us.
10K Run
6th March 2016

Thank you to Tanya Davey and Vic Flanagan for running the 10K run in the MK Festival.

You raised £210.
Catia's Cakes
1st December 2015

Thank you to Catia Sousa for making lot's of delicious cakes and holding a cake sale at the Craniofacioal Department of Kings College.

You raised £125 for us.