How your donation will help

We are a small Charity which relies 100% on fundraising and people's kind donations.

We help to raise awareness of childhood cancer, especially a deadly type of cancer known as AT/RT. With some of our fundraising money and donations from our supporters, we support Oncology Wards and other Charities. We bring treats to children battling cancer & items to homes or Hospitals to help families. Our future aims is to be able to have enough funds 1 day to help start a project in researching AT/RT here in the UK.

Your donations as well as our fundraising will help us to continue raising awareness of AT/RT, through merchandise, leaflets, petitions, banners and attending events all year round with our stall.

It's not only money we are grateful for when it comes to making a donation to us. We receive donations of toys, books and toiletries etc which we use throughout the spring and summer months to hold a Tombola on our stall. We also receive donations of Handmade knitted, crochet and fabric items through our Handmade for Rhiley Facebook page that has over 300 supportive and kind members. These items are used to help raise funds from our awareness stall.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who makes a donation to us and supports what we do and why.

If you would like to make a donation to us, then please click on the Golden Giving logo below. Thank you.